How Buildup Significantly Cut Time Spent on Inspections By 10-20% Compared to Other Construction Management Software

The Customer

Greystar, one of the leading real estate owners, developers and managers in the US, uses construction management software for their multi-family construction projects.  They build multiple multi-family apartments across the country, ranging in size from 100-600 units.

The Challenge

Greystar has been using construction technology for its construction punch out process and inspections where the QA Manager typically does 2 walks.  The first walk usually takes 15-20 minutes per unit. For a 100-unit building, that is about 25 to 33 hours (3 to 4 days), while for a 600-unit building, it could take as long as 150 to 200 hours (18 to 25 days).

The Solution 

Jason Bohannon, QC Manager at Greystar, uses Buildup to simplify his punch system and QC inspection walks.  He finds that Buildup is so much simpler to use compared to another construction software that he previously used, which had extra buttons to push and would eat up more time.  Buildup saves him 2-4 minutes per unit on his walks. For a 100-unit building, that is about 3-7 hours saved on the inspection walk, while for a 600-unit building, the time savings are between 20-40 hours!

Aside from the time savings, Jason finds Buildup’s automated workflow very compelling, especially for a QA Manager like himself.  The previous construction management software that he used does not allow a superintendent or a sub to close out an issue opened by QA.  This meant that QA would not automatically know when the sub has resolved an issue that he has opened without asking or calling the sub or super.  With Buildup’s automatic workflow management, the process is set up where the sub can see the issue and once resolved, mark it as done.  Buildup then automatically kicks back issues to Jason to approve that it was indeed done, giving him more control, visibility and overall management into exactly what is going on.

Other Buildup benefits that Jason has found to be very helpful in his role as QC Manager in multiple construction projects are:

  1. Efficiency – it’s quick, simple and accurate
  2. It keeps track of everything – from punch list, QA/QC inspections, issues cleared and documentation of the entire process
  3. Issues are broken down by unit – you can go straight to a unit and start listing everything.  Other softwares are not set up this simple; you have to go and write the specific unit otherwise, you’ll never know what unit the issue was associated with.

As they continue to use Buildup in current and future construction projects, Greystar continues to reap significant efficiency and productivity gains, cutting time spent on inspections by 10-20% compared to other construction management software.

“Buildup is very easy to use for the clear out process and saves me about 2-4 minutes per unit on my QC walks.”

Jason Bohannon, QC Manager

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