How Greystar Made Their Quality Control and Punch Process More Efficient

The Project

The Elan Mountain View Apartment Complex is a 190-unit luxury apartment in the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, California, It is a multi-family complex developed by Greystar.

The Challenge

The items for follow up in quality control and punch list were done manually. Construction team members used to handwrite or email items for issue resolution. Because of this method, there was not a lot of accountability on GCs and subcontractors.

The Solution

Greystar implemented Buildup on the Elan Mountain View construction project, which moved all the manual quality control and punch list issues to a consolidated, electronic version.  This initiative made follow up more efficient and GCs and subcontractors more accountable. Jonah Elisha, Assistant Project Manager of the Elan Mountain View project was easily able to get a feel for process flows and for areas that were severely lagging behind so that he could take action items on those. The main benefits he gets from using Buildup are:

  1. Responsibility/ accountability – having all quality control and punch items in Buildup holds the entire team accountable
  2. Document tracking – issues, complete with photos and comments are all captured, documented and easily revisited as needed
  3. Transparency with all levels of the project – all construction team members — QC, owners, teams, subs — are on the same page as opposed to previous internal side conversations and emails

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