How Mill Creek used Buildup to make the punch out process simpler and easier


The Project

Modera Riverhouse is a 600-unit luxury apartment complex in Miami, Florida, developed by Mill Creek Residential Trust.

The Challenge

Punch out process was using paper, pen, emails, phone calls and text messages, making the process difficult to keep track of.

The Solution

Mill Creek implemented Buildup on the Modera Riverhouse project, replacing the traditional method of going through a punch list process to a mobile and digital one. Jon Lee, Superintendent in charge of the project found it exceptionally easy to use, “so much so that subcontractors, contractors and owners/developers were all on board with it.”  Subcontractors were actually using it and could see their own issues, can respond with pictures and say that the issues have been resolved.  

The main benefits that Jon sees from Buildup are:

  1. Its mobile application which makes usage onsite compelling
  2. Its simplicity and ease-of-use
  3. Daily emails and reports that it sends to subs to ensure that pending issues are taken care of

In addition to that, partnering with Buildup’s customer success team has helped Mill Creek move from a manual punch out process to an automated and mobile one, making the process simpler and easier.

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