Exceptionally easy to use

Buildup is exceptionally easy to use, even by the most non-tech savvy subcontractors and construction professionals.  Because adoption is extraordinary with Buildup, executives are able to gain visibility into valuable project insights.  Field managers, on the other hand, benefit from time savings and better efficiency in their construction projects.  

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Proven time and cost savings for field managers

Buildup is designed for 3-tier collaboration between owners/developers, general contractors and subcontractors. This improved communication, automated follow up and better accountability results in significant time and cost savings for field managers, as well as efficiency and productivity gains.

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Proven time and cost savings for field managers

Buildup is exceptionally simple to use that there is very little to zero resistance to adoption, even by non-tech savvy subcontractors.  Because of up to 90% of subcontractor adoption on construction projects, there are numerous raw data points gathered that give executives valuable project insights and field managers time savings and better efficiency.

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Improved visibility and better control for construction executives

Buildup’s Schedule bridges the gap between your actuals and planned schedule, allowing you to have real-time access to all your construction project progress and raw data. This empowers executives to make better and informed decisions that will impact project timelines, critical paths and completion.

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Case Studies

Corigin Real Estate Group

Luxury Apartments in NYC

Greystar Management

ADA and FHA Compliance

Hoar Construction

Latitude Medial Center in Houston, TX

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